Crab Dip Recipe: HowTo Make Crab Dip: Easy Hot Appetizer: Diane Kometa-Dishin’ With Di Recipe #26

Crab Dip Recipe: How To Make: Hot Crab Dip: Easy Holiday Party Appetizer Recipe: Recipes & Videos: Perfect party dip for Super Bowl Party,Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, or anytime! I serve this delicious Crap Dip Recipe all year round and people just love it! It’s simple and quick and is always is one of my Best Quick & Easy Appetizer Recipes! Dips are always perfect and you’ll be able to make this appetizer in minutes, which gives you more time to spend on your holiday menu and with your guests! It’s always requested and it’s such a simple dip you won’t believe it! I think that people like it soo much, because it is simple. There’s nothing covering up the crab flavor, which is perfect when you have other snacks on you party menu that may be spicy. It’s just the perfect appetizer recipe for parties or when you just want some crab! I use canned jumbo lump crab meat, but when they’re in season, I use fresh Maryland Crab or Blue Crabs. Cream Cheese makes it creamy and served hot it’s perfect! So don’t wait to go out to a restaurant for a snack, use this hot appetizer recipe and make crab dip at home!

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