Mushroom Julienne – Holiday Appetizer Recipes – Heghineh Cooking Show

Mushroom Julienne Recipe by Heghineh
It’s time to start on holiday appetizer recipes, or maybe a bit too early, but this mushroom julienne is something worth a try during any season. This is more of a childhood food for me and it mostly reminds me of New Years, when every house lady would try to impress her guests with original and gourmet dishes. I remember how they served mushroom julienne in very delicate metallic tins that had a long fine holder. Nowadays many Armenian stores carry these special flower shaped baked shells. But this appetizer can be baked in simple ovenproof ceramic pots.
Mushroom julienne is a quite filling appetizer and needs to be served hot. You can always prep everything, arrange in their pots and bake when ready to serve. Quite convenient as a last minute food for unexpected guests during holiday season.

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