Stuffed mushrooms | Appetizer Recipe | స్టఫ్డ్ పుట్టగొడుగు | मशरूम एपेटाइज़र

Everyone will be hungry after coming back from work. Are you thinking to have a snack, or going out to get something to eat…Wait a minute…No need to run out. This is the best recipe which I bake for my family.
With the easy steps, I can serve my family with a restaurant style stuffed mushrooms with baked Zucchini. This is also kids favorite snack. In every bite you can taste the best. Its different from Mushroom Masala, Butter Garlic mushroom, Kadai mushroom, tandoori mushrooms, matar mushroom, pepper mushroom After Baking this, just in 5 to 10 min the serving plate is full empty. So, what are you are waiting for. Let’s go and start the preparation.

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