Vegetable Rice Cutlet | Indian Appetizer Recipe – Easy & Quick Recipe

Learn how to make delicious cutlets with rice and vegetables. This recipe serves as a perfect combination of rice and vegetable together.
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• Cooked rice – 2 cup
• Boiled potato – 1 piece
• Few mix vegetables ( carrots, bell pepper, Green Bean)
• Red chilli power
• Cumin powder
• Salt to taste
• Oil

Step 1: Finely chop beans, carrot and capsicum.
Step 2: Take two cups of boiled rice and add chopped beans, carrot and capsicum to it.
Step 3: Then add 1 tbsp cumin (jeera), half spoon red chilli powder and some salt as per taste. Mix well.
Step 4: Mash a boiled potato in the mixture and make flat circular cutlets out of them
Heat a pan with 2 big spoons of oil in it.
Step 5: Fry the cutlets in medium heat for 3-4 minutes, flip it and fry it again for 3-4 minutes.
There you go! Yummy Vegetable Rice Cutlets are ready!

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