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Sofrito Marinade:
Pork Shoulder Video –


What I used on this video & alternatives.

Large Pot 5 Qt –
Small Pot 2 Qt –
Tongs –
Oregano I use with Citrus Peppery Notes –
Grass Fed Gelatin –
Zucchini Slicer –
Vegetable Slicer –
Avocado Oil –
Knife –
Ladle –
Cutting Board –
Salad Spinner –
Peeler –
Kitchen Shears –
Mini Bowls –
Butane Gas Stove –
Propane & Butane Stove –
Camera –


Credits for Music, Audio, Graphics:

❖ No Copyright Motion Graphics
Motion Graphics provided by
YouTube Channel:
❖ Nish – Trap Sax
❖ Peyruis – Rêveur
❖ Julian Avila – Fly
❖ Julian Avila – OG


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