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Learn how to make Noodle Soup at home with The Bombay Chef Varun Inamdar on Get Curried.

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Chicken Noodle Soup is a comfort food recipe made by using vegetables, mushrooms, chicken stock and soy sauce. It’s the best good to go dish this rainy season.

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2 tbsp oil
½ cup red onions, chopped
½ cup celery, chopped
½ cup carrots, thick sliced
1 clove garlic, minced
1-inch piece fresh ginger, grated
1 whole baby bok choy
½ cup sliced mushrooms of your choice
4 cups chicken broth
1 cup water
2 rounds of Udon noodles
Soy sauce taste
Salt pepper to taste
Dash of sesame oil
Cilantro for garnish
Green onion for garnish

Method of preparation:
In a vessel containing stock and chicken add the vegetables, boil it on high to medium flame for 20 minutes.
Heat a wok, add oil, garlic, ginger, onions and saute them.
Add carrots, celery, bok choy, chicken broth, noodles, soy sauce, salt and pepper, give it a stir and add spring greens, oyster mushrooms, switch off the flame and our Chicken Noodle Soup is ready to serve.

Host: Varun Inamdar
Director: Shashank Alshi
Camera: Shashank Alshi and Vishal Chavan
Concept: Chirag Mehta
Editor: Ravi Varma
Copyrights: Rajshri Entertainment Pvt Ltd

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