Rajasthani Khad Chicken Recipe | Spicy Chicken Wrapped In Roomali Roti & Baked To Perfection

Rajasthani Khad Chicken or Murgh as you may call it, is a delicacy that the royals use to prepare while in dessert during their hunting trips. Rajasthani Khad Chicken means chicken cooked in a pit. Chicken is first marinated in oil and spices. Roomali roti is then laid out in a cake tin and the marinated chicken is added in the cake tin. Roomali rotis are tightly packed over the chicken and it is then baked to perfection in an oven to mimic the khad. Khad Chicken is crispy from the outside and juicy from the inside. Do try this special and flavoursome recipe and enjoy with your family and friends.

In ancient times, when the royals of Rajasthan set out for hunting in the wild, they would carry achaar (pickle) and lots of dry rotis along with them. They would clean the hunted animal and marinate it in the achaar ka masala, wrap the rotis around the marinated meat and tightly seal it in banana leaves and soaked jute bags.

Then a pit would be dug underground and red-hot coals would be added to it. The sealed meat bag would then be kept on top of the coal and more coal would be added to cover the meat. They would normally cook this for 4-6 hours or according to the size of the portion. Here in this recipe, we have tried to replicate the process by baking the chicken wrapped in rotis in an oven which is marinated in oil and spices.

Do try this traditional Rajasthani recipe and let us know in the comments below how you like it and what would you like to see next.

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