If you want to cook something awesome, you should watch this video as it’s full of viral recipes! You will be surprised at how many dishes you will be able to cook after watching this video. Moreover, you will be able to surprise your friends with these culinary ideas! We share a new way to cook desserts without sugar. Yes, it sounds strange, but you should try! You should always remember that sugar consumption increases the risk of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. You will love the recipes we share!
The first recipe is so easy that even a kid could make it! Follow our instructions to prepare banana toffee: beat banana, cocoa, and coconut oil. Freeze and enjoy. It’s very easy to cook mango sorbet that is a perfect dessert especially if you are on a diet. You will need to combine mango with water and honey using a blender and freeze.
If you need a low-calorie replacement for popcorn. Stir honey, olive oil, and cinnamon in a bowl. Add chickpeas to this mixture and gently shake the container. Bake for 30 minutes and enjoy!
Prepare marzipan candies at home: soak almonds in water for 3 hours. Peel, ass agave syrup and beat. Check out how to make a healthy replacement for Nutella. Run hazelnuts, dates, carob through the food processor. Enjoy this delicious nut paste!

Combine flour, baking powder, citric acid, water, almond paste together. Spread this dough in a baking tray. Decorate with berries and bake. Find out one more cake idea that will surprise you. Mix sweet potato, melted butter, melted chocolate. In another bowl beat an egg, add whole wheat flour, baking powder. Stir properly and add to the mixture from the first bowl. Again properly stir and bake.

00:15 Banana toffee
00:33 Low-calorie mango sorbet
01:13 Homemade marzipan
01:37 Homemade Nutella
02:45 Sweet potato cake recipe
05:45 Mango roses

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