Sims 3 || MOD REVIEW: New Dessert Recipes & Ingredients – Carrot Cake + BROWNIES?!

❥ About Video:
In this video I will be covering a mod which allows your sims to create fresh and new dessert recipes. I personally feel like desserts is something that is lacking in the game especially if you don’t have the bakers station so this is a great replacement. Let me know down in the comments if you would download this mod and what your opinion is on the feature.

❥ Things you will need:
CC Loader:
Mod Download:

How to download mods:

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My Rating: 10 out of 10
Would I recommend?: Yes.

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Q: How old art thou?
I am 20 years old.

Q: What programs do you use to record?

Q: Where do you get your custom content?
I have a series called “Show N Tell” where I show you guys most of the places where I go for custom content.

Q: Will you upload your mods folder?
I will NOT be uploading my mods folder anymore because it’s a problem for creators and I want to show my respects.

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