Strawberry Shortcake Sweet Shop | Be A Dessert Chef & Create Sweet Recipes | Fun Game For Kids

Budge Studios™ presents Strawberry Shortcake Sweet Shop! Strawberry Shortcake has invited all of her friends to try out her berrylicious sweets, and needs YOUR help to make them. Be a dessert chef and create sweet recipes that you can make later at home!
• Make a variety of tasty desserts for Strawberry Shortcake’s friends
• Pour, stir, blend, freeze, and eat your sweets
• Combine food coloring, ingredients, sprinkles and decorations for endless customization possibilities
• Earn stars by completing special requests
• Create real recipes that you can make later at home
• Strawberry Shortcake’s voice provides step-by-step instructions and helpful tips
• Upgrade your kitchen tools for easier and quicker food preparation
• Tablet compatible



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