Braised Pork In Veloute Sauce | French Ragout Recipe (Blanquette)

Braised Pork / French ragout (Blanquette):Tender pork fillet cooked in a voluptuous veloute Sauce with pancetta, onions and carrot.

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This French Ragout recipe is one pot dish that is relatively easy to make with a 1h 30 minutes cooking time. This French pork stew recipe use a braising technique (a mix of lightly brown meats which as then cooked in a liquid). This recipe is quite versatile you can easily use various meat cuts and get wonderful results. The meat used are in France for that dish are veal, pork or chicken.
Cooking the meat in a veloute sauce not only keep your meat tender and moist but also has the benefit getting a veloute sauce infused with tasty meat flavours. That rich and creamy veloute then become the perfect partner for potatoes or rice as a side dish.

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