Most of us don’t like to spend a lot of time cooking and cleaning the kitchen. That why all of us love fast recipes as it’s hard to spend a lot of time on hard and time-consuming recipes during the daily rush routine. Nevertheless, fast recipes could be very delicious and everybody around will tell you that you cook like a pro!
This time we will show you how to prepare fast donut in the microwave. Mix flour, sugar, butter, baking powder, and milk
In a cup and microwave! Voila! Watch full tutorial in our video!
Did you know that you can make sorbet in 1 minute without freezing? Check out our video!
You will find the ideas on how to cook a fast breakfast. Fast and easy ways to decorate and serve breakfast will totally make your morning incredible. We are here with a plenty easy trick to make cooking eggs a bit easier and in a very cute way. There is no need to miss a breakfast anymore.
Also, you can prepare super delicious Nutella pancakes for breakfast. Freeze a bit of Nutella and add it to pancake mix. Enjoy!
Check out gluten-free banana pancakes you can cook in just 10 minutes! In a bowl, mash 2 large bananas with a fork until it resembles a thick purée, add 2 eggs and stir. And cook for 1-2 mins each side! Voila!
It’s apple time! We share simple and delicious recipes with apples that you gonna totally love!
Surprise your friends with a perfect and easy rose shaped apple buns. In this video, you’ll find tons of incredibly beautiful decoration ideas and your meal will look like a culinary masterpiece.
Check out an easy and fast recipe of apple cinnamon croissants! You roll out the puff pastry, add the brown sugar and cinnamon, place a slice of apple, roll up the pastry, brush on a little egg and bake!
As a bonus, check out the recipe of tortillas. This recipe is perfect for parties. Surprise your friends with your cooking skills!


00:06 Fast donut recipe
01:41 Eat the teddy bear
02:31 Cute breakfast ideas
09:15 Apple cinnamon croissants
16:20 Fast tortillas


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