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Bread Pizza – Quick And Easy Bread Pizza Recipe On Tawa – Kids Tiffin Box Recipes

Bread Pizza is Most Easy and Quick Kids Lunch Box Recipe. There is no need to use oven. It is very popular Kids breakfast recipe. So let’s learn step by step easy Pizza recipe and try it at home.

Ingredients Bread Pizza Recipe:
1. White bread (4pc).
2. Chopped onion (1 medium size).
3. Chopped tomato (1 medium size).
4. Chopped capsicum (1 medium size).
5. Oregano (1 tsp).
6. Red chilli flexes (1 tsp).
7. Butter (1 tsp)..
8. Refined oil (2 tsp).
9. Black salt (¼ tsp).
10. Black pepper powder (as per your taste).
11. Chaat masala (¼ tsp).
12. Tomato ketchup (2 tbsp).
13. Red chilli paste (1 tsp).
14. Cheese cubes (2 pc).
Methods of how to make Bread Pizza at home:
1. Take a mixing bowl.
2. Add chopped onions, chopped tomatoes, chopped capsicum, ¼ tsp salt, ¼ tsp chaat masala, ½ tsp oregano, ½ tsp chilli flexes, and 2 tsp oil. Mix all the ingredients very well.
3. Heat the tawa and add ½ tsp butter. Toast one side of white breads.
4. Add 1 tsp red chilli sauce with 2 tbsp tomato ketchup.
5. Spread by a spoon on toast breads. We can also use pizza sauce (Pizza Sauce Making Tutorial in Bengali – https://youtu.be/jyoFzC4SqQ8) and spread it on toast breads.
6. Put the veg mixture on it.
7. Sprinkle some chilli flexes, oregano, and some black peeper powder as per your taste.
8. Now grate the cheese cube all over the breads.
9. Heat the tawa and add ½ tsp butter.
10. Put bread pizzas on tawa. Cover it with a lid and cook for 10 to 12 min in low flame.
11. When cheese totally melted put off the gas oven.
12. Serve hot bread pizzas as morning breakfast or evening snacks.

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