How to make amazing snacks| Easy Snacks recipes

Today we are making easy and quick snacks I am sure you and your kids will absolutely love it, because my kids did.
I made it for them when they were hungry and demanding for some snacks foods and this quick snacks idea came in my mind and I started working on it and fortunately it worked out very well and turned out to be a very yummy food, got prepared in short time also it required less efforts, my kids like this snacks recipe.Do try it out trust me won’t regret doing so.

one large size boiled potato
balck pepper 2tsp
Salt to taste
chineese salt 1tsp
Red chilli powder 1tsp
corn flour 2tbsp

mash the potato in bowl.
mix all ingredients very well.
gather all material at one side and press it smoothly with masher.
take the masher towards the pain very carefully and slight the material in it.
fry untill golden brown.

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Recipe in Hindi/Urdu


1 bare size ka ubla hua aalo
kali mirch powder 2tsp
namak hasbe zaiqa
ajena moto 1tsp
lal mirch powder 1tsp
corn flour 2tbsp


pehly aalo ko mash karlen
tamam masalon ko achi tarha aalo ke sath yakjan karlen
phir masher se ahistigi se press kren
aur garam oil mai dal ke rang sunehry huny tak fry krlen.

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