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Puran Poli is one of the popular Maharashtrian sweet dishes prepared during Ganesh and Diwali Festival. It is an Indian stuffed bread with sweet lentil filling. You will be surely bowled over its exquisite taste.

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• 1 small bowl of soaked and boiled chana dal
• 1 small bowl of grated jaggery
• 1 tsp of sugar
• 1 medium bowl of refined flour
• 1 cup water
• Cooking oil


• Heat a pan. Add chana dal and 2 tbsp grated jaggery in to it
• Mix it well. Cook till the jaggery melts
• Add Sugar and cook it till it becomes a paste

• Add 2 tbsp refined flour in a bowl and add pinch of salt to it
• Mix the salt well and add half cup of water
• Add oil and mix the dough well

• Roll out one portion of the dough into a circle.
• Place a portion of the filling in the centre and fold the edges of the dough over the filling. Pinch the edges together to seal the filling in.
• Flatten the dough and roll again, using a little wheat flour for rolling.
• Cook on a tava (griddle) over a medium flame till it turns golden brown in colour on both the sides.
• Smear a little ghee on each puran poli and serve hot.

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