Trying Easy Vegan Recipes | Willow Faith

Hey guys a lot of you wanted me to do a cooking or trying to cook some vegan meals video. Here’s the first go at it. Let me know if I should make another one and what I should try to make. Also if you have any recipes please share! Thanks for watching and supporting.

Here is the recipe

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  • Willow, you are so funny! Enjoyed the video. Check and see next time for no boil noodles. A lot easier but still a very funny video. All the best my friend.

  • A “day in the life” of what you eat would be really cool and helpful for us trying to make better choices! 🙂

  • hey dude becareful wow delicious vegan food,,you look so adorable ll the time,have a good dy

  • Hmm that’s me in the kitchen. I’ll have spur of the moment to want to try some “cooking” following recipes and spending time and $. Let’s just say it doesn’t seem to turn out right and googling a lot for what certain measurements and what certain cooking “terms” mean. Eh if it’s edible, A for effort!
    How much did this vegan lasagne cost you? Pan+ingredients…

  • Willow you are cooking beecerful you hand haa haa

  • FYI you didnt cook the noodles long enough that is why they were stuck together and a smaller pan would be good for 1 or 2 people. good job

  • i remember having so much trouble with opening the tamato sauce, i ended up using a knife to hit on it to release the air tightness.

  • 1:26
    any one know name of this song ?

  • LOLLLLL @ not affording salt. Salt is literally $0.77 for a whole box haha, but anything to save!
    LOLLLL also you really cut yourself there?……. ohhhh Willow.
    I didn't even realize I could just ask siri to do my conversions for me…. woah life changer!

  • Hey sweetie-this is a great video-didn't realize there are some good vegan recipes. I lasted 2 days on a vegan diet-not for me but I tried. How are you feeling? I'm glad you said in the earlier video that your videos are gonna be honest ones and that you will be honest about your feelings. We're gonna be honest with you too and I'm sure you would want us to be that way too. O.k.-Willow-you look very sad and depressed in this video. This is not the Willow I have come to know and love like a daughter. You have lost weight and we are worried about you. One thing that I do know for sure is this-On all your other videos-you have replied to our comments. I'm fine if you didn't replied to my comment-but-you haven't replied to any comments. That is not the Willow I know. If you didn't have time-we understand-we just want to know that you are ok. I know it's hell that Allison is not with you-but-it's not forever. I have said in my earlier comment that you can do this LDR. I know how it feels to miss someone terribly. You are a strong person. In my earlier days we didn't have skype, face timing, e-mails, etc. We have all that today-Please take care of yourself-Allison will be back before you know it and you have the summer with her. We want you to try to cheer up and get back to being the Willow we know. Till next video-love you girl!

  • #WillowFaith put a little bit of oil in your water when your cooking noodles so they don’t stick together

  • next time try to add a little bit of oil to your noodles

  • wow that looks really good….P S feed NOLA

  • I personally NEVER boil the noodles prior to putting everything together. (BUT putting olive oil in the water helps keep the noodles from sticking together and stirring more often). I have a friend that did the same thing you did so, it was humorous for me. keep your chin up Kudos for your vlog!! I bet some sliced yellow squash would have gone well with your recipe too. The moisture from the veggies will help cook the noodles for the next time you want to make this particular recipe, Willow.

  • Your Lucky. I can't go vegan do to my iron being low and not going up.

  • Freaked out at 3:33 cause i also have that: not dressed for boys shirt

  • you can buy salt in bulk for pretty cheap at most grocery stores 🙂

  • Good job my dear willow, can I taste what you cook? Look so delicious…

  • Happy to see you back but missing Alison .you both look sweet together stay blessed my lovely couple

  • I love your videos. I not a vegetarian nor do I want to be, but if it works for you then great. If you try this again add some oil to the water so the noodles won't stick together.

  • Definitely progress from mr. noodles and kraft dinner haha this was better entertainment than the food network

  • Put a capful of olive oil and salt before you boil the water. By doing this, it shall help you get your noodles separated.

  • a tip for the pasta, put a drop of oil in the water and also stir the noodle every so often while they're cookin