QUARANTINE MEALS – store cupboard ingredients (vegan)

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Peanut Crusted Tofu – https://www.avantgardevegan.com/recipes/peanut-crusted-tofu-noodles/
Lentil Spag Bol – https://www.avantgardevegan.com/recipes/vegan-high-protein-meals-volume-3/

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  • I can sense deeply you are quite down because of this quarantine, and now the government's newly announced three more weeks of lockdown. Do cheer up. And I'll buy your new book as a show of solidarity. I'm only a part time vegan but you need some cheering up. All the best to you and yours!

  • I have been WAITING for you to upload this video

  • Hi I really love your videos and recipies. Starting in june '19 going on loosing weight, I got more and more into vegan food. I'm still on my way to get there fully, lost 38 punds and got a lot of health benetheis, lots of energy and decreesing my intake of medicin. Great. Thank your tasty recipies and advises on vegan stuff. I would love to get your new book to get better in vegans. Being 62 and feeling alive and fresh is souch a gift. Keep going, you have impack on a lot of people out here.

  • Also, so many of my vegan friends, when we talk about the best recipes on the internet, we talk about you. Not just the recipes, but we always talk about you as a person and how great your videos are. Stay up! I'm in day 4 of self isolation after travelling so will definitely be going back and watching all your videos.

  • Im definitly getting the book and trying all the new recipes. Im from Holland and we are on intelligent lockdwn till june. So I can still get groceries. Can't wait for your book!

  • You do fab work and the production quality on your videos is really impressive – much better than television programmes. I’m off to pre-order your book now.

  • I only eat cakes made out of asbestos and soy milk. 100% natural, 100% vegan.

  • Thanks for the Covidtine-friendly recipes. Wishing you swift passage through this staying-in time, and good health to you and yours on the other side. Stay safe!

  • So many recipes I have in my regular meal prep rotation are yours, so I'm definitely going to preorder this one. I just moved back in with my parents for the time being so I'm in charge of the cooking, so can't wait too share them with my family.

  • Is that similar to a zucchini?

  • Wonderful recipes…
    Thanks for sharing…

  • Peanut crusted tofu looks delicious. Will try it. Just preordeted your book
    Luv your channel.

  • Bro, why are you so frickin`down? You helped me transition to a plantbased lifestyle and turned my health around. You are the reason that I did reverse my Type 2 Diabetes within a year, so don't be upset that you aren't selling enough, you did a lot more which you might not be aware of! Thank you for your time, patience and effort, I do appreciate it!

  • I hope everything is fine with you ❤

  • I LOVE how you talk about some REAL priorities. Your own safety, the health of your friends and the risk for others(including businesses!) are all incredibly important so I appreciate SO SO much the attitude you have! I know it must be incredibly hard to cancel your plans and self isolate so I respect your decisions even more <3 You're not just an INCREDIBLE chef but also a beautiful human being!
    Having said that, the recipes…just BOMB! It is incredible how knowing how to pair ingredients and having some cooking experience can turn such simple meals into masterpieces!

    Anyways, sending you all the love! Stay safe and make the most of that strange time!

    P.S. Even though I just don't like using cookbooks(too hard to stick to any directions ;P) I will undoubtedly buy this one. Not only as it will be incredibly inspiring but also because you deserved that support! Especially getting closer and closer to 1mln subscribers! <3

  • I preordered mine long ago 🙂

  • I just bought your 100 vegan last week to show my support! I will definitely be getting your new one too! Keep making your videos we love watching them! 🙂

  • damn, i appreciate your strength to stay positive. can't wait to get my copy. stay safe mate.

  • Definitely making this tomorrow . Thanks gaz xx

  • Yumm this looks so good Gaz! I had a thought, these kinda vids should be widespread more and more, i feel like they are the less daunting "healthy" eating vibe that people can quickly get into. Im here for it

  • Awww, you seem so disappointed. No worries young man, although traveling isn't the best idea right now, your cookbook will sell out anyway! My copy is in my cart on Amazon! Thank you for your commitment during this pandemic. These recipes as always are amazing. TFS Stay safe, keep your head up & Be Blessed.

  • Pleaseeee cook for me ❤️

  • Would I be able to fry the peanut crusted tofu pieces instead ????

  • Please stay safe and healthy. I always watch every video! And don't skip ads 😉

  • Have ordered and can't wait to get the book! You have taught me so much about the enjoyment and satisfaction of cooking and also I have been able to show my family how enjoyable vegan food can be 🙂 so thank you

  • Your book can still get the promotion it deserves, you'll just have to do it a different way. "Social media" the hell out of it, partner with heart or diabetes associations or animal rescue centers, have your friends make recipes on YouTube, etc.

  • PLEASE READ Dear Gaz, I hope you are okay and I hope you get to see this! Please could you do a video on food hygiene and how to clean the kitchen properly during times like this? I mean, my local Asda has had ZERO Dettol and ZERO cleaning products for the past 2 weeks now, except for bleach and some type of floor cleaners. Poundland and Morrisons have also sold out. I have not been trying to hoard anything honestly but have not been able to do my normal shopping due to the panic buyers. I have been wiping the counters down with lemon juice and also using washing up liquid to scrub down the counters but am not sure if that will be enough to substitute a normal cleaning routine. I have asked a Nurse friend of mine, and she advised me that lemon juice can be antiseptic to an extent but cannot kill germs outright. I haven't been able to do my normal cleaning and have heard that Zaflora can be toxic around kids and animals. PLEASE HELP! What would you go Gaz if you needed to clean your kitchen and fridge etc and had no access to standard cleaning products? I am cleaning my bathroom with floor cleaner but am worried anything too harsh on kitchen counters will hurt my stomach/ contaminate my food. Thank you. (PS I hope to meet you oneday at a cooking event!)

  • I love you so much you are so sweet Gaz I'm not a vegan but love watching you.

  • I agree that the quality of your videos is fantastic. I feel for you and your book release coinciding with c19. I have put the book on my list to buy when we are all back on our feet. Great video.

  • Useful video as always, thanks for sharing. Good nutrition is key in all situations- especially during difficult times…

    I see you like reggae and play vinyl – I’ve got a vinyl about vegan living out on my Uk based Joy And Happiness label by an artist called Ras Takura. I’d like to send you a complimentary copy of the vinyl for your collection. Let me know if you’re up for it and I’ll get one to you.

    Keep up the great work and hope self-isolation passes quickly

  • Will definetly get a copy of your new book ! Stay safe and take care 🙂

  • Diolch a ti Gaz! Loved these recipes, you definitely deserve all of the views, your incredible recipes and passion for food was one of the factors for me going vegan. Keep up the good work, take care and keep your chin up x

  • I just pre ordered your book on Amazon. Cheer up, this too shall pass 🙂 I appreciate you sharing these recipes. Will be making some of that stir fry today.

  • Can you do a vlog in Welsh? I'm learning Welsh, and I'm trying to especially focus on it during quarantine! Also, thank you for the recipes!

  • I think these were a great selection of recipes to do right now! Thank you for making this compilation, I will definitely be trying at least one of these recipes out this week. Don't focus so much on the outcome of your books, it's all about the beauty in the journey – chin up, Gaz! Take care xo

  • Thank you for this video and wish you strength! I am ordering your book now <3

  • Canada looks forward to your tour when life resumes! Can't wait to try these recipes. Stay well!

  • Just pre-ordered your book, looking forward to planning some delicious meals….even if I can't buy half the ingredients for the next year! I can dream xx Stay safe